Sands Expo & Convention Centre Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Singapore International Water Week

18-22 June, 2024


Sands Expo & Convention Centre Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

About the event

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is the Global Platform to share and co-create innovative water, coastal and flood solutions.

The 2024 Water Convention will present papers on the newest and latest innovation, technologies, best practices and case studies in six themes covering the urban water cycle. The latest Advance Programme offers a preview of the high-quality technical programme including an Opening Plenary session, 5 keynote presentations, 44 oral sessions featuring over 170 expert speakers, a poster session with more than 250 posters and 6 hot-issues workshops.

Access an exciting line-up of over 100 sessions on key themes such as climate mitigation, water sustainability, net zero and decarbonisation, resource circularity and digitalisation. A new pillar on climate adaptation, specifically coastal protection and flood resilience, will also be introduced.

SIWW flagship programmes comprises the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, Leaders Roundtable and Summit, Water Convention, Water Expo, Thematic and Business Forums and Technical Site Visits.

During the course of the week:
Isle’s Piers Clarke will be attending the following sessions as Moderator: TechXchange (Tuesday 10:00-17:00), Titans of industry forum (Wednesday 15:00-17:30), the CEO Round Table (Thursday 12:30-17:30) and the Water Leaders Summit (Friday 09:00-13:00).

Friday 21 June:
Isle’s Ben Tam (CEO) will be jointly speaking during the Opening Session in the Introduction to Industrial Water Solutions Forum (Friday 9:15-9:45) and close with the Plenary Closing Session (15:45-1600).

During Morning Session 1, Isle’s Carles Crespo will be Moderating during the Technology Solutions for Industrial Water Efficiency (Friday 09:45-11:15).

During Morning Session 2, Karen Clode will be Moderating during the Technology Solutions for Resource Recovery and Circular Economy.

During Afternoon Session, Jo Burgess will be Moderating during the De-risking Technology Adoption Process (14:00-15:45).


For further details on the conference and to register, please visit: Singpare International Water Week 2024