Run4Life 2nd Innovation Workshop

Thursday 03 June, 2021
2:00pm – 5:00pm


About the event

The Innovation Workshop is a forum to connect Run4Life technology developers and fertiliser producers directly with end-users which their technologies and products are being developed for. Many emerging technologies face the ‘valley of death’, which is the stage of their development where full-scale on-site demonstrations with end-user partners would be extremely valuable and enable a smooth ride to commercialisation. The Innovation Workshops will therefore support the development of the Run4Life technologies and products by taking into account the feedback and input from the sector that the technologies and products are being developed for. It will also facilitate future relationships and collaborations.

This Innovation Workshop is being organised during the EU Green Week 2021 as a partner event. For further information, please visit the following website:


14:00 Introduction

14:15 Project overview and introduction to fertiliser products of each demosite

14:45 Overview of the results from the fertiliser trials (pot and field tests)

15:15 Break

15:25 Overview of the results from the LCA and CBA

15:45 Overview of the results from the social perception investigations

16:05 Case Study

16:35 End user views

17:00 Meeting closure

To view the agenda for the event, please refer to the Run4Life project website for further details:

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