Phosphorous Showcase

Wednesday 04 December, 2019
8:00am – 3:30pm
Düsseldorf, Germany


Sky Office, Kennedydamm 24

About the event

Initiated by five Swedish water utilities, Isle is organising a ‘Phosphorous Showcase’ where three technology companies, selected by the end-users, will present and discuss their solutions for phosphorous recovery from sewage sludge ashes. This will be followed by a panel discussion at which international experts from the fields of fertilizer legislation legislation, sewage sludge management, P recovery and the chemical industry will exchange experiences and ideas with the audience.

The goal is to provide a European roadmap which shows all participants ways and possibilities to respond to potential legislative changes as well as economic and societal requirements within the topic of phosphorous recovery.

The event will enable you to exchange national and international experiences, sharpen your expertise and strengthen your contacts with European wastewater utilities, experts and engineering offices.

Who should attend: European Wastewater Utilities and Engineering Offices

Participation Fee: €195 (all inclusive)

Registration closes on 24th November 2019.


​Alexandra Michalski | +49 15903771626 |

Dr. Daniel Frank | +49 15905270285 |

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