ANSTO Water Hack 2018

Wednesday 11 July, 2018
9:30am – 3:00pm
Sydney, Australia


The Place, UNSW Business School

About the event

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), in partnership with the Global Water Institute, are pleased to announce the inaugural Clean Water Hackathon will take place at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (UNSW) from 11-13 July, 2018.

The Hackathon arises from ANSTO’s year-long collaboration with the Sri Lankan government to investigate Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Cause (CKDu), a serious public health issue affecting agricultural communities in the country’s north-east.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are invited to participate in the Hackathon. We value diversity of thought in reaching an innovative solution to the problem and invite students from STEMM, business, design, international relations, and other related areas, to join.


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