Drinking Water Quality Framework

A Blueprint for Safer Water: Drinking Water Quality Framework

Empowering Public Health and Sustainability in the UAE with a Drinking Water Quality Management Framework.

A reputable organisation in the UAE wanted to position itself as a leader in water quality management. Seeking Isle’s support, it aimed to ensure a safe drinking water supply for public health and environmental sustainability. Our clients goal was to develop a Drinking Water Quality Management Framework (DWQMF) to address gaps in existing processes and tools. The company also wanted to ensure they complied with regulations and reduced key contaminants in their drinking water systems. Isle considered global best practice to help our client develop a Drinking Water Quality Management Framework robust in systems and processes.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation
  • Enhanced Processes and Tools: Our approach helped improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water quality management by developing a comprehensive framework complete with innovative tools.
  • Promotes Future Compliance: The approach addresses gaps in existing processes. This ensures that our client meets regulatory requirements and maintains stringent water quality standards.
  • Mitigates Priority Contaminants: The project focused on preliminary hazard identification and risk assessment, an approach which enables proactive identification and mitigation of contaminants, which in turn helps safeguard public health.
  • Strengthens Incident and Emergency Response Capabilities: Isle supported our client to develop an Incident and Emergency Response Plan. This enhances their ability to respond swiftly and effectively to water quality incidents or emergencies and minimizes potential risks.
  • Aligns with Global Best Practice: The project aligned with global best practice to ensure the framework delivered water quality management at its best.
Specialist Services Involved:
  • Water Quality Expertise: Isle’s team developed a comprehensive framework based on hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The project ensured alignment with local regulations and standards governing water quality.
  • Water Quality Framework Developed: We developed a comprehensive Drinking Water
    Quality Management Framework (DWQMF) comprising five building blocks and nineteen sections, drawing on global best practices.
  • Benchmarking Analysis: We informed the framework’s development by conducting a benchmarking analysis of comparable global water utilities.
Key Contacts:

For enquiries and further information, please contact Mufeed Hassan, Principal at Isle Utilities.


Service Spotlight
Isle created a comprehensive drinking water quality framework to help UAE organization enhance water quality management.
Completed benchmarking analysis of global utilities
Developed a robust and fit for purpose drinking water quality framework
Supported our client to become a leader in water quality management
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