Atmospheric Water Generation Technologies

Atmospheric Water Generation: A Horizon Scan of Innovation and Technologies

Isle Utilities helps TAQA establish whether atmospheric water generation technologies can provide a viable, sustainable alternative water source for the UAE.

Our client, TAQA, wanted to explore the market of atmospheric water generation. By doing so, they aimed to help Abu Dhabi explore new alternative water solutions.

Our mission was to identify effective atmospheric water generation technologies that could help fulfill Abu Dhabi’s needs. Next, we were tasked with evaluating the investment potential of each of the technologies.

We developed a comprehensive portfolio of atmospheric water generation technologies for TAQA. These detail the technologies’ various stages of commercialisation and potential market readiness. We delivered a workshop that ranked atmospheric water generation technologies
based on benefits and TAQA’s strategic priorities. Finally, we conducted due diligence on viable partners and experts most able to bring the concept to life.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation
  • Collaborative Approach: Working closely with TAQA, we ensured a clear understanding of the specific technical and commercial requirements.
  • Strategic Investment: We delivered a comprehensive due diligence process that enabled TAQA to make informed, data-driven investment decisions.
  • Due Diligence: Our team conducted interviews with companies to verify their claims and requested additional data where necessary. This approach allowed us to create a viability profile for each technology.
Specialist Services Involved:
  • Horizon Scan: We carried out a detailed evaluation of atmospheric water generation technologies based on defined technical and financial criteria.
  • Technical Due Diligence: We critically assessed each technology, conducting interviews to verify claims and requesting additional data where necessary.
  • Commercial Due Diligence: We evaluated each technology’s commercial readiness, including current market position, market trends and growth potential.
  • Comprehensive Literature Review: Our team developed a comprehensive literature review of available air-to-water technologies in the market. We made this available as a digital tool for ease of reference.
  • Technology Ranking: We conducted due diligence on several technologies shortlisted through collaborative discussions with TAQA. These technologies were analyzed and ranked based on their technical and commercial viability.
  • Expert Opinion: Drawing on the data collected and our expertise, Isle provided a professional recommendation on how TAQA should proceed.
Key Contacts:

For enquiries and further information, please contact Mufeed Hassan, Principal Consultant at Isle Utilities.


Service Spotlight
Isle collaborated with TAQA to identify, shortlist, and provide due diligence on atmospheric water generation technologies that could provide a sustainable alternative water source for the UAE.
Identified, ranked and shortlisted all available atmospheric water generation technologies
Undertook due diligence on shortlisted technologies, focusing on technical and commercial viability
Provided a comprehensive literature review that was made available as a digital tool
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