Dr Thomas Collin

Technology Consultant


Thomas is an Environmental Engineer with over four years of experience in the water industry. Prior to joining Isle, Thomas was conducting his Engineering Doctorate in R&D at Thames Water through the STREAM Industrial Doctoral Centre. His project aimed to develop a business case for the sustainable management of fats, oils and grease (FOG). It covered a wide-range of topics including anaerobic co-digestion and the operation of dissolved air flotation (DAF) plants. Thomas completed his MSc. thesis at Thames Water on alternative methods for the desludging of primary clarifiers.

Since joining Isle, Thomas has worked on UKWIR projects on zero uncontrolled discharges from sewers and the removal of pharmaceuticals from effluents in the UK.


MSc. in Environmental Engineering, Cranfield University (UK)

Dipl. Ing. in Biological Engineering, Polytech Clermont-Ferrand (France)

BSc. in Biology, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)