Dr Kristoffer Still

Graduate Technology Consultant

London, UK

Kris has numerous research years investigating innovative wastewater treatment technologies and monitoring biological treatment performance. He led a research collaboration with Thames Water to industrially implement a biological monitoring project at their MBR wastewater treatment plant. The activities of primary hydrolytic enzymes were analysed. Following on from his previous work at a conventional activated sludge WWTP the recorded enzyme activities were correlated with measured standard water quality parameters.

This provided greater understanding on the impact environmental and process changes have on biological treatment and organic pollutant removal. In addition to wastewater treatment and monitoring he has been exposed to various recovery technologies to recycle phosphorus, biosolids and metals. Managed wastewater research projects and set out their scopes in response to meeting the applicable legislations and regulations. He is also an associate member with IChemE.


PhD Wastewater Treatment, University of Nottingham, UK, 2017

MSc Biological and Bioprocess Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK, 2013

BSc Biochemistry, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2012