Ceris Van de Vyver

Head of Technology

London, UK

Ceris is a water industry professional with over 20 years proven scientific expertise in clean water, wastewater and an in-depth knowledge of public health and water quality. She has held senior management positions in several water companies over the past 10 years, was an Inspector in the Drinking Water Inspectorate and a Chief Scientist in a SME.

Ceris is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Environmentalist, a member of Welsh Area of Institute of Water, and a keen mentor championing CPD through supporting and increasing employees knowledge of the water industry.

With experience across the whole water industry sector, Ceris has successfully delivered global projects and programmes, reviewing and understanding potential Artificial Intelligence applications to transform key water operations, looked at how future smart metering and smart networks can be integrated into improving leakage management.

Ceris recently focused on identifying and showcasing innovative technologies to European Water Companies at Technology Adoption Group.