With a strong presence in Latin America, Isle Utilities has been a trusted partner to water utilities across Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil for over a decade. Isle is strategically located to serve our clients efficiently, and our notable successes include pioneering the “Technology Approval Group” service that is transforming water utility innovation in the region.

Isle Utilities possesses deep-rooted knowledge of the local water market dynamics, regulatory landscape, and business environment in Latin America. Our team is comprised of experts who not only understand the technical aspects but are also well-versed in cultural and linguistic nuances, ensuring seamless collaboration with clients and partners in the region. As we look ahead, our expertise remains attuned to the evolving client goals in this dynamic market.

In Latin America, water utilities face pressing challenges related to infrastructure modernization, regulatory compliance, and sustainable resource management. Isle Utilities understands the specific pain points in each country, offering tailored solutions that address issues such as water quality, water losses, distribution efficiency, and wastewater treatment.

We provide comprehensive support in technology scouting, evaluation, and adaptation, enabling utilities to make informed decisions and implement cutting-edge solutions efficiently. Moreover, our collaboration with international financing institutions, including the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, enables us to secure funding for pilot projects, particularly in Brazil, where we have garnered support to expand our successful business model. This unique combination of expertise, services, and funding opportunities positions Isle Utilities as the preferred partner for water utilities and stakeholders seeking innovation in the Latin American water sector.