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Through strategic partnerships, Isle is setting up cost-effective Global water innovation platforms to provide SME’s & innovators the opportunity to engage with the leading utilities, investors and municipalities in a specific region. The objective of those platforms is to create visibility and to accelerate their technology entry in a specific market. At these platforms Isle identifies deployment and investment opportunities for the Innovative water solutions.

Isle Innovation platforms 2018

  • IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition - 16-21 September in Tokyo, Japan

On September 21 the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition closed its doors in Tokyo a highly vibrant and very inspiring week nearly 10,000 water professionals from 98 countries met, exchanged innovations and created a huge networking environment that helped to shape our water future.

An important element on the IWA exhibition floor this year was the Isle-IWA Emerging Technologies Pavilion and Program. The pavilion facilitated 11 Innovative companies out of 9 different countries. Dr. Lazarek of Carex of Sweden said ‘so much knowledge comes from within the ETP program’. Unique at the Emerging Technologies Pavilion was intense involvement of 4 sponsors each supporting this program from a different angle. For PureTerra Ventures it was a great place to meet new innovations to potentially invest in. The ETP was a meeting point for Aqualia and Anglian Water, of course they were also heavily involved in the conference program but according to Peter Simpson, CEO of Anglian Water: ‘Sponsoring the forum provided a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to support SMEs as they break into the industry whilst also sharing the work we do with the international community.

We definitely see the value in supporting these events and we are grateful that ISLE continue to facilitate them.’

While all participating companies benefited from industry-wide marketing and visibility at the Emerging Technologies Pavilion and Program, two technology businesses received special recognition by a judging panel based on the quality of their pitches and engagement in the program. Awardees included the following:

Aquafortus, a ZLD technology and Blue foot membranes a IPC® technology. “Isle provided us a unique platform to introduce our IPC® technology in Japan. Winning the IWA-Isle Emerging Technologies Award is the cherry on the cake” says Patrick Vanschoubroek, Managing Directors of Blue Foot Membranes. “I hope that within 5 years from now, we can say that the IWA-ISLE IWA Emerging platform was the launch of our IPC® technology in this part of the world.”

The full list of Emerging Technologies includes the following:

- Hydro-Dis (Australia)

- SYSTEA (Italy)

- Aquafortus (New Zealand)

- Carex of Sweden (Sweden)

- Hydroko (Belgium)

- Hawle Water Technology Norge (Norway)

- PowerTech Water (USA)

- Terraheim (Korea)

- Blue foot Membranes (Belgium)

- Luminultra (Australia)

- LG Sonic (Netherlands)

For more information about the ISLE-IWA Emerging Technologies Program visit

  • WEFTEC 2018 – 29 September – 3 October, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

In Innovation Row, Isle Utilities will host a pavilion, and offer space to qualified technology companies, with priority going to those who have participated in Isle’s TAG forum. WEFTEC’s Innovation Row will be a gathering point for early adopters, technology developers, and decision makers.
WaterStart, in partnership with Isle Utilities, organize a dynamic gathering of leaders and entrepreneurs in the water technology innovation space. Held in conjunction with the WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, the Summit will showcase the results of successful pilot projects, including perspectives from both the end-user and the solution provider, positive impacts from adopting innovation, opportunities for innovation funding, and more. Registration for attendees and tech pitch competitors will open in June 2018.
India’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Solid Waste and Recycling will again open its doors from October, 15-17, 2018 at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. IFAT India is an ideal platform to network with industry leaders and business partners from across the globe. In the background of mounting and persistent pollution problems will see a steady growth in India’s fragmented environmental technologies market. Along with the increased market demand and inputs by the government, the business potential in the environmental industry in India will be huge. Undoubtedly, IFAT India 2018 will be a foremost choice for the environmental sector stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas and seek solutions. Alongside, IFAT India’s Supporting Program brings together government representatives; industry thought leaders and leading companies from the environmental technologies sectors to deliberate on key concerning issues and possible solutions and ideas.

  • Channels for Innovation Summit – 2 October 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • IFAT India – 15-17 October 2018, Mumbai, India

IFAT and Isle Utilities are proud to work together again in setting up the Isle Innovation Pavilion during the IFAT India 2018. The pavilion and business forum facilitates as the meeting point and will showcase several unique and innovative solutions and best practices of a cooperation between solution provider and Indian water utilities. The strategic partner for this Innovation Program is InNow LLC.
Isle Utilities is proud to be the a Strategic Partner of Accadueo-H2O for their Innovation Program. Isle will host the Isle Emerging Technologies Pavilion during the H2O Fair. The Emerging Technologies Pavilion will facilitate as the meeting point between the utilities behind the challenges and the Innovative solution providers. Isle’s Innovation pavilion aims to showcase promising new water solutions for the Italian market. This select group of water technology businesses have been vetted on market readiness, commercial viability and impact on water resource management. The topics that will be highlighted during this year’s Innovation program are: Innovative uptake models in Europe & Trends in digitalization.

  • Accadueo - H2O – 17-19 October 2018 in Bologna, Italy

The Innovations at the Isle Pavilion also benefit from the fact that the 8th/9th EU Industrial Water TAG will take place at the Accadueo-H2o in Bologna. This means that there will be several opportunities to bring the Industrial End Users such as Shell, AbInbev, Coca-Cola, Clariant and Procter & Gamble together with the Solution providers.
Gat I Wat is the mayor convention and tradeshow for the German gas and water utility sector. Hosted by DVGW, the representative organization of the industry, the event has attracted executives and technical experts from Germany and beyond for more than 70 years. The focus of the 2018 edition will be dialogue, interaction and innovation in infrastructure. DVGW is partnering with Isle Utilities to create an innovation pavilion at the show, which will host the booths of 6 innovative companies. Interaction will be guaranteed by technology pitch sessions, Utilities sharing their challenges and use cases and matchmaking sessions as side events. The Pavilion is dealing with the urgent theme “water distribution of the future”, featuring innovative solutions in underground asset management, condition assessment and monitoring as well as integrated water network optimization. The sponsorship offers a unique opportunity to present your company as a thought leader in this field and is available in the following packages.

  • Gat | Wat 2018, 23-25 October, 2018 in CityCube Berlin, Germany,

Experiences from the past—Isle Innovation platforms 2018

  • International Water Summit 2018 - 15-18 January in Abu Dhabi, UEA

The IWS is the leading global meeting point for showcasing and developing solutions for water sustainability in arid regions. Bringing together government leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, policymakers and thousands of trade visitors to rise to the severe challenges faced by water-scarce areas.

Isle was present for the fourth time at the Abu Dhabi International Water Summit (15-18 January, 2018) as the organizer of the Innovate@IWS competition and the Smart Water Expo. The competition and pavilion showcased the “best of the best” in the world of water technology. Three competitions over three separate days, covering Municipal, Real Estate and Public Use, and Industrial innovations respectively.

The right level of skills and knowledge is required to select the appropriate tools and create the business case to reflect all the potential benefits. According to our judges (leaders from, ADSSC, ADWEA, PureTerra Ventures and Águas do Porto) the best business case was presented by Witteveen+Bos ( Their 1-STEP® filter is a modular and compact fixed bed activated carbon filter operated at a relatively high rate downward flow combining four treatment processes into one additional single treatment unit.

It was a close call on the Industrial day. The judges deliberated a long time before deciding on the winner. The diverse background of the judges might have been the cause (Shadi W Hasan, professor from Masdar institute, Geoff Townsend, Industry fellow, Nalco Water and Eva Eva Ramos Perez Torreblanca from the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi). The fourth Judge was Alexander Crowell, Managing Director of PureTerra Ventures a private equity firm focusing on investing in disruptive water technologies. PureTerra was our pavilion sponsor. According to Mr. Crowell, “Isle provides these innovative companies a highly visible venue to present their solutions and technologies to the world and we are proud to be part of that initiative.” . The Industrial winner was the Canadian company Emagin ( they presented their operational intelligence platform, HARVI, that supports real-time decision making when controlling critical assets to water and wastewater facilities.

On the final day, Smart Water in Real Estate & Public use was discussed. In this category you see a rising demand by consumers to have homes that have smart connected features. Another focus is in property management for reducing water consumption and onsite waste water treatment or reuse. The Dutch technology Hydraloop ( fulfils those wishes and therefor won the Innovate@IWS award. The Hydraloop is a residential water saving system that recycles 55% of normal mains water used. Hydraloop cleans and disinfects waste water from the shower, bath and washing machine so it can be reused for lavatory flushing, washing machine, garden irrigation or topping up the swimming pool.

It is no coincidence that 2 Dutch companies won, since we had a great partnership this year with the WaterAlliance from The Netherlands in recruiting companies in the lead up to the program. Of course all ‘Smart Water’ technologies of Innovate@IWS are winners, so also: Royal Haskoning DHV; Systea s.p.A.; AMCON Europe s.r.o. ; Flovac B.V.; Aquastill B.V.; Probiosphere Inc; Holland Water; Ecabiotec Middle East Manufacturing LLC ; Solar Water Plc

For a full overview of all the technologies you can go to: iws

  • Utility Week Live - 22-23 May in Birmingham, UK

Utility week Live is UK’s utilities event: Face-to-face contact with the key decision-makers from the UK’s water companies and contractors. The Isle Utilities and Utility Week Live Innovation programme 2018 is designed to ensure innovators and small businesses can benefit from face-to-face exposure to the water professionals visiting the show, the Isle Utilities and Utility Week Live 2018 Innovation solution includes six specially designed Networking Pods, plus a number of additional live marketing opportunities, including—

  • WieTec China (Aquatech) 2018 - 31 May- 2 June in Shanghai, China

From May 31 to June 2, 2018, Imagine H2O, Isle Utilities and PureTerra Ventures hosted the Smart Water Hub at Aquatech China, Asia’s largest water trade show. The innovation pavilion featured 18 water startups from 12 countries vetted for market readiness, commercial viability and impact on China’s water resource sustainability. The three day program featured live pitches from participating companies as well as interactive discussions with industry leaders on the opportunities and barriers to the deployment of water innovation in China.

According to Mr. Yang Dai, Director of Sales and Marketing of Beijing Cycle Columbus, “the hub provided a golden bridge to connect talented water entrepreneurs from Australia, Europe, India, Israel and North America with Chinese partners and customers. In addition to providing participants with valuable connections, the event informed a Chinese audience about the role of water technology in enhancing quality of life and protecting the environment.” Mr. Dai added, “we at Beijing Cycle Columbus are really proud to be the sole sponsor of the Smart Water Hub in 2018.”

As China continues to strengthen its commitment to water resource management, the opportunity is ripe to adapt global innovation to local challenges faced by municipalities and industry. The Smart Water Hub exhibitors offered a range of promising solutions to advance these efforts and build water resilient communities - from decentralized wastewater treatment to satellite imagery for leak detection. Son Nguyen, VP of Ventures at Baosteel and a participant at the innovation pavilion, said “the startup pitches proved the point that the opportunity for a company to present on a platform that brings their vision to life is of immeasurable value. It was clear that a lot of the technologies presented have a real chance of success in the Chinese market.”

While all participating companies benefited from industry-wide marketing and visibility at the Smart Water Hub, three technology businesses received special recognition by a judging panel based on the quality of their pitches and engagement in the program. Awardees included the following: OxyMem, a high efficiency membrane aerated bioreactor wastewater treatment system; Cerahelix, an innovative ceramic filter technology; and Mitte, a smart home water purification system.

The full list of Smart Water Hub exhibitors includes the following:

For more information about the Imagine H2O Smart Water Hub program at Aquatech China 2018 visit
ACE18, hosted by AWWA, gathers more than 11,000 water professionals and hundreds of exhibitors, and brings together representatives from every segment of the water industry.

  • ACE18 (American Water Works Association) – 2-6 June, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This year, Isle Utilities is powering the Innovation Lounge, where exhibitors will be exposed to audience members who are interested in the latest-and-greatest technologies available in the marketplace. The Lounge will also host a Tech Pitch Competition & Award Ceremony, a No Water No Beer Happy Hour, Mobile Sessions, and an abundance of innovation-themed programming. Exhibitors in the lounge receive access to the exhibition floor at a discounted rate.

For more information regarding Isle’s marketing services or to join us at one of our Innovation pavilions please contact or call +44 (0) 7841911350